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January, 18

Gemma Collins sets sights on DJ career that could earn her whopping £25k per gig

Gemma Collins has set her sights on a career as a DJ.

The former TOWIE star, 39, appears to be broadening her showbiz horizons amid the pandemic and is keen to spin tunes in a bid to keep her adoring fans entertained.

The reality TV superstar, who is already offering herself out to do sets later this year, could earn up to £25,000 per gig when the clubs eventually reopen.

Although she doesn’t know much about the art of spinning decks, Gemma is determined to become a professional by the time the UK clubs open again.

Luckily for her, a close friend has already offered to show her the ropes in a bid to kickstart her new career as a DJ.

A source close to The GC told The Sun: "Gemma has been asked to DJ at parties and events loads of times in the past but she's never known how, so has had to turn them down. But now a pal has offered to teach her and she is raring to go.

"It's a really lucrative business and she could easily make more from one gig than lots of people make in a year.

"Lots of events and club nights won't think twice about paying big money to get Gemma. She's such a great character and is bound to draw in punters. Her thinking is that the country will need a bit of fun and she wants to provide that.”

It’s not the first time the self-confessed diva has dipped her toe into the music industry.

Late last year, Gemma proved that she had the voice of an angel when she released her festive cover of Baby It’s Cold Outside, which made it to No.12 in the Christmas charts.

Elsewhere, Gemma previously had plans to release a duet with Naughty Boy last summer.

However, the artist pulled out of the agreement at the last minute, meaning she never got the chance to get into the recording studio.

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