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July, 19

Rochelle wins over JLS with cooking

Rochelle wins over JLS with cooking

JLS have revealed how Rochelle Wiseman cooked her way into their hearts.

The Saturdays' singer, who is dating JLS' Marvin Humes, uses her culinary skills to get into the band's good books.

"She cooks a good dinner," Aston Merrygold told Star.

His bandmate JB Gill added: "She invites us all round. She cooks a great Indian. She's very caring. She gets on well with my girlfriend [dancer, Chloe Tangney], too."

Rochelle impressed the guys further by buying Aston a gift of candles for his room.

"She's always cooking for Aston and she bought him a present for his house," revealed Marvin. "She didn't buy me nothing and she bought my bandmate candles!"

Marvin denied he would be making sweet music in the studio with his girlfriend, saying: "We are not recording a duet or an album!"

The 26-year-old also brushed off rumours that the couple would be tying the knot, although the relationship is going strong.

"We are very happy at the moment. It's going incredible. We are living together and it's better and stronger than ever," he said.

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