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July, 11

Take That Robbie's four-letter rant

Take That Robbie's four-letter rant

Robbie Williams has treated fans to a four-letter outburst at his Take That show - in response to concerns about him swearing.

The singer has sworn at previous shows on the sell-out tour, prompting a newspaper report earlier this week about his bad language and its unsuitability for a family audience.

But it made Robbie even more determined to use expletives as he performed his solo slot last night.

He brought up the subject of complaints as he spoke to the audience at Wembley Stadium.

Then he joked there was a helpline number they could call if they were offended: "0800 Go F*** Yourself". He repeated the number four times for good measure.

In a blog entry this week he said: "If you come to see me expect swearing."

He also talked of a solo tour in an entry on his website, calling into question how long he intends to stay with the group.

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