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July, 8

Dionne: Amy couldn't do X Factor

Dionne: Amy couldn't do X Factor

Dionne Bromfield has said Amy Winehouse wouldn't be any good on The X Factor judging panel.

The 15-year-old god-daughter and protege of the Rehab singer told Company magazine that Amy is not great at being strict.

Dionne revealed: "She tried to be scary once but failed!

"She said, 'Dionne, come into my office,' which was actually her bedroom, and she suddenly tried to be all strict! I told her, 'Amy, please don't ever become a judge on The X Factor because you'll so fail!'

"She calls me Big Sister, which is silly because she's twice my age. But she says I give her more advice than she gives me, so she's the little sis."

The singer said she would never have auditioned for The X Factor herself because she feels the show takes advantage of the aspiring contestants.

She said: "I watch it and it's good for people to get themselves known, but they use you to their advantage. Just look at that Wagner! That was a joke. It's not nice that they think they're getting that far because people like them.

"I met Simon once and I was expecting him to say, 'You've not got it,' but he was very nice."

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