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December, 18

Search on for more Watkins victims

Search on for more Watkins victims

Police have launched an international appeal for evidence against Ian Watkins - with British officers linking up with counterparts across Europe and America.

South Wales Police (SWP) believe that several other children could have fallen prey to him in the years he toured with Lostprophets.

Detectives fear there may have been at least two other child sex abuse victims in Germany and America.

"Our priority area is Germany and the USA at the moment," said Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle, the senior investigator in the case.

He said the force had been in touch with Interpol, the German Federal Police and Homeland Security in Boston and Los Angeles.

"The reason for that is that he travelled so extensively. Our view is that there are other victims," he said.

He added: "The absolute number one priority is the identification and protection of children, protecting children wherever they are."

He said police were following leads in Germany and America: "But I cannot say more than that at the moment."

His comments confirm officially for the first time what others have already warned - that Watkins was a serial child sex abuser.

Joanna Majic, 38, his former girlfriend, claims Watkins abused hundreds of young victims during years of drug-fuelled debauchery.

After he admitted 13 offences, she warned that he was a prolific child sex predator and claimed that female fans offered up their children as victims.

And she said that the true extent of his vile sexual abuse would never be known because the mothers involved will never come forward.

DCI Doyle said: "There is clearly a logical argument in that. Someone abusing a child is unlikely to come forward.

"The flip side is that we have two people (the mothers in question) sentenced with Mr Watkins. We found them and we will find others too."

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