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December, 18

Beyonce discusses her new album

Beyonce discusses her new album

Beyonce has discussed her new album, saying it is about "finding the beauty in imperfection".

In a video posted on YouTube, entitled Self-Titled Part 2: Imperfection, the singer discussed the album, which was released out of the blue on iTunes on Friday.

The self-titled album became the fastest-ever seller on iTunes with more than 800,000 downloads in its first three days.

In the video, Beyonce talks about what she missed out on because of how hard she worked as a child.

"I had this image of a trophy and me accepting these awards, and kinda training myself to be this champion and at the end of the day when you go through all of these things, is it worth it?

"You get this trophy, and you're like, 'I basically starved. I have neglected all of the people I love, I conformed to what everybody else thinks I should be. And I have this trophy. What does that mean?'

"The trophy represents all of the sacrifices that I made as a kid. All of the time that I lost being on the road and in the studios as a child and I just wanna blow that shit up."

Beyonce said that although she is grateful for her success, her family give her the most satisfaction.

"I have a lot of awards and I have a lot of these things that are amazing and I worked my a** off. I worked harder than probably anyone I know to get those things.

"But nothing feels like my child saying, 'Mommy!' Nothing feels like when I look my husband [Jay Z] in the eyes."

She added: "Enjoy ya life. It's short. That's the message."

Beyonce has said that she was "bored" of releasing music the usual way and wanted to "s peak directly to my fans".

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