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January, 23

Tinie Tempah's nostalgic album

Tinie Tempah's third studio album is a "nostalgic" record.

The 'Pass Out' hitmaker - whose last LP, 'Demonstration', was released in 2013 - has been inspired by the music of his youth such as grime and drum 'n' bass, to write "colossal bangers" and hopes they will shine a bigger light on the sidelined music.

He said: "Basically, I'm 27 now. I brought out 'Pass Out' when I was 21, it all went tremendously well... What dos it sound like? Very nostalgic, to genres that influenced me growing up. The UK doesn't get enough credit for grime, drum 'n' bass, dubstep."

Summing up the album's sound, he said it is incomparable to anything out there now.

Tinie shared: "A British feel! Electronic, grime, hop-hop, many epic, colossal bangers! I can't compare it to anything, I'm in a predicament."

While he has yet to reveal the name of the album he teased one of the song titles and said the record is inspired by the women he has worked with lately: "'Ooh la la, Do YOu Feel Alight?' is one. The main lyrical theme is The Ladies. I've been surrounded by a lot of beautiful women lately. Jess Glynne and Katy B. Nicole Scherzinger on 'Bring The Noise'. So yeah, girls!"

Tinie is planning to revive his weekly Ibiza pool party Disturbing London has a host of other things in the pipeline for the coming year.

Asked his plans for 2016, he told Q magazine: "Touring. A mixtape. Junk food documentary. We're doing Disturbing Ibiza again. Last summer we did 13 weeks, we had Snoop Dogg DJ."

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