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April, 4

Lil Nas X: 'Controversial new music video was my idea'

Lil Nas X takes the credit for his controversial Montero (Call Me By Your Name) music video.

The rapper, 21, launched the video last week, which is full of references to Greek Mythology and sees the hitmaker share a kiss with an alien and dance with the devil.

In a new interview for the Spout podcast, the Old Town Road star, real name Montero Lamar Hill, explains his contribution to his music video concepts.

Asked if he gives input to the costumes he wears and he said: “Ohh, one hundred (per cent)! Especially with music videos, and you know, everything in general like, I have my amazing stylist Hodo.

"We work together and we create these characters and we create these moments.”

Taking about his music videos and the concepts for them, Nas X added: “I write out the treatment for my music videos.

"Like, in this part let's have this happen, let's have this happen, this is the theme, and you know pretty much... which is a very fun thing to be a part of, the actual process itself.”

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