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October, 29

McFly's Tom to become a father

McFly star Tom Fletcher found an unusual way to announce he is to become a father - by carving a message in pumpkins and placing a video online.

The frontman and his wife Giovanna created a musical video which sees them slicing through the skin of the squashes to spell out: "We're having a baby."

The video is captioned: " Sometimes the best way to say something is with a pumpkin...and a song."

Tom - whose hits include Obviously and Five Colours In Her Hair - charmed guests at his wedding by delivering his speech to the accompaniment of the tunes from his songs.

And he shared the moment from his wedding last December by placing it on YouTube, where it has been seen more than 11 million times.

The couple's slick new home video sees them at their kitchen table, slicing and scooping out the flesh until they turn out the lights and spin the pumpkins around so viewers can read the message.

It ends with a scan of the baby - the couple's first - with a caption which reads "Arriving 2014".

Tom alerted fans with a message on Twitter which said: " Me and Mrs Fletcher have some rather exciting news to share with you."

He added: "Thank you very much for all the lovely messages. We couldn't hide it any longer...literally."

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