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March, 12

The Vamps' tour excitement

The Vamps' tour excitement

The Vamps are "excited" to debut their new material on their UK tour.

The quartet - which comprises James McVey, Bradley Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans - are looking forward to showcasing some of their newer material to their "home" fans for the first time when their run of shows kicks off later this month.

James said: "We're very excited. It's very, very exciting.

"We love touring the UK because it's home. And we've got a whole new album worth of material we've not gigged over here yet, so we are very very excited.

"We're going into rehearsals tomorrow to put the set together."

Though the group only released their second album, 'Wake Up', in November, they are already looking ahead to the follow-up record and have started writing new songs.

However, it is still too early to know how the record will sound.

Bradley told BANG Showbiz: "We have started writing it but it is an open book at the moment, so I guess we will see how we feel and how it develops."

The Vamps' 2016 tour kicks off in Birmingham on March 25, and runs until April 16.

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