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June, 21

Ed O'Brien got 'spine tingles' listening to Pierce Brosnan sing

Ed O'Brien got 'spine tingles' listening to Pierce Brosnan sing

Radiohead's Ed O'Brien has confessed to becoming a fan of ABBA after watching 'Mama Mia!' with his daughter.

The 48-year old guitarist has a new found love for the Swedish pop sensations' music after watching the musical starring Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth, with his daughter Oona O'Brien.

And he also admitted to being blown away by former James Bond star Brosnan's voice and that he had "spine tingles" when he heard his singing parts.

In an interview with London label Ninja Tune, he said "I can be totally honest, one of my daughter's favourite films is 'Mamma Mia'.

"Obviously ABBA in the '70s was huge, but I never owned an ABBA record. And in the '80s? ABBA? I mean, oh my god. And unfortunately that shadow is cast upon, and it alters your judgment and you can be very judgmental about this music.

"[We] watched 'Mamma Mia!' at Christmas, finally, all together, and I was like, 'These songs are amazing! Oh my god!' I got spine tingles, even with Pierce Brosnan singing."

The 'Creep' rocker did however retrieve some of his street cred when he divulged that his first musical purchase was Prince's 'Sign "O" the Times', which "saved his life".

Of the late 'Purple Rain' hitmaker - who died in April at the age of 57 - he said: "Prince kind of saved my life in the same way that music saved my life. I don't know... The first record I bought was 'Sign "O" the Times'.

" I did a double whammy - 'Sign "O" the Times' and De La Soul's '3 Feet High' and' Rising'.

"Those were my first two purchases... I was having a pretty s**t time, a lot of change and confusion. Music saved me and Prince was a huge part of that."

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