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May, 18

Keith Urban wanted to 'sit on the couch and eat chips' during lockdown

Keith Urban wanted to just "sit on the couch and eat chips" at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The country singer was the first-ever guest on Britain's Absolute Radio Country - formerly known as Country Hits Radio - on Monday morning, and opened up about how he dealt with the enforced shutdown of the world as a result of the ongoing health crisis.

"At the beginning of the whole lockdown I was a bit frozen honestly..." Keith explained. "I was working on my album The Speed of Now and it’s like you know when the power goes off, and you’re like how long is this going to be like this? My plan was I was just going to put my comfy pants on and sit on the couch and eat chips until the whole thing blew over, that was my plan. Suddenly I went, this is a big thing and it’s going to take a while. I had to figure out how to get on track again, just pivot and rethink everything and become adaptable to this new environment.”

Among the ways he kept his fans entertained during lockdown was a concert streamed live from his driveway.

And as for how the event came about, the 53-year-old continued: "(The driveway) seems like as good a place as any! Nic (Nicole Kidman, wife) had gotten all of these beautiful lights put in the driveway for Christmas, and we loved them so much we thought let’s just leave them up. I thought it’d be a nice place to go out and sing some songs in the driveway with all these pretty lights in the background.

"It felt very alive and festive. That’s what I wanted people to feel at that time was a sense of together and festive. Because it was the antithesis to a lot of what people were going through.”

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