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January, 29

Lawson unveil new song about being 'absolutely skint'

Lawson have unveiled a new single called 'Money' about being "absolutely skint".

The pop rockers - consisting of Andy Brown, Ryan Fletcher, Joel Peat and Adam Pitts - gave fans a taster of what to expect from their forthcoming second album by streaming the track, which they've described as a "big pop anthem".

Talking about what inspired it, lead singer Andy commented: "We first had the idea of Money when we were unsigned and touring around in an old van, absolutely skint. We used to sing 'Where's the money?!' after driving 100's of miles to play to 10 people! After the success of the first album, we developed it further and it just turned into this big, pop anthem."

The hunky singer says the tune will be played live regularly on their tours and has also teased a music video, which will follow shortly after the song is released in March.

He added: "It's going to be a big favourite in the live set - we shot the video last week and invited a bunch of our friends and fans down to be in it and they were all singing along after the first listen."

Following the success of their single 'Roads' last summer, the band have toured relentlessly for the last six months in America and also supported Robbie Williams on his October Australian tour.

On touring with Robbie, Andy previously said: "Growing up he was an inspiration for all four of us, he's a fantastic performer and a great songwriter. The fans here have been fantastic and the support has been overwhelming."

'Money' will be released via Polydor Records on March 18.

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