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March, 15

Lennox tells of poverty battle

Lennox tells of poverty battle

Singer Annie Lennox has spoken of her desire to tackle child poverty in the west coast of Scotland alongside poverty in Africa.

Lennox returned to the Scottish Parliament as special envoy of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Scotland Branch to talk about her efforts to tackle HIV and Aids in Africa.

She also spoke of her desire to have a "balance" between her Scottish and international work.

Lennox said she has entered into a "loose association" with entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter, who she said takes an "active interest" in social issues.

Sir Tom recently called for "systematic change" in Scotland alongside greater "fiscal responsibility".

Lennox said her own views on Scotland's constitutional future are "irrelevant", but called on people to be given "the right facts" to make "the right decision for themselves".

She said: "This Parliament will go where the Scottish people want it to go. I think there is an incredibly interesting, historical moment ahead for the people of Scotland.

"From my perspective, I'm afraid, I'm not expert enough to know, to look into a crystal ball into the future, and say whether it is better for Scotland to be independent or remain part of the British Isles.

"It's irrelevant, in a way, what I think. What really counts is the people who live here, and who will live here with their daughters and sons and future generations.

"I'm sure that given the right facts, and the right kind of guidance, they will make the right decision for themselves."

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