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March, 16

Lennox sings for Scottish Circle

Lennox sings for Scottish Circle

Annie Lennox performed a special set to raise funds for a project to end violence against women.

Lennox played in Glasgow at the Scottish Circle's We Can event, which organisers expect to have raised £100,000.

The Scottish Circle - a newly-formed group of Scots women who campaign for women's rights at home and abroad - was inspired by Lennox who founded the original Circle with Oxfam in 2008 as a partnership to fight poverty.

The singer said: "I am so, so thrilled to have our first Circle event in Scotland. I've been so fortunate in my career and I've been able to contribute and I want to pass that baton on.

"Together we can make a difference. I love Oxfam, I've seen them working on the ground and how they have transformed women's lives.

"When I met the women who have formed the Scottish Circle I was blown away because their attitude is 'We can do it'."

Lennox performed hit songs including Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves and Here Comes The Rain Again.

There was also an auction where a Stella McCartney gown sold for £2,000, a bespoke pair of Jimmy Choo Couture hand-painted stilettos fetched £1,500 and a painting by Scottish artist Emma Davis reached £3,000.

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