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March, 15

Andre to embrace new sound on album

Andre to embrace new sound on album

Peter Andre has said his new album will have a more "live sound" than his previous offerings.

The Mysterious Girl singer has been working on material for his latest record - and credits Brit songstress Adele for helping inspire him.

"I love the live sound. I used to love groups like Lucy Pearl, and Adele's really allowed them to come through now, that more live music, so it's not so programmed any more," Peter revealed.

"And it doesn't matter what genre, whether it's R&B or whatever, it's just live sounds, so we're working on some great stuff at the moment. I hope it works."

Meanwhile, the reality TV star plans to bring his brother Andrew, who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, to the UK for treatment.

He said: "I never understood about the severity of cancer until it enters your family and then it takes on a whole new meaning. It's brought us closer, if we could have got closer, as a family and I'm very grateful that he's coming to the UK and he'll be in our care. That makes me happy and it means I can go out and work again now."

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