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January, 14

Keith Urban inspired by late father

Keith Urban's music is inspired by his late father.

The 'Making Memories of Us' hitmaker has revealed father Robert, who passed away in December, "pointed him in the direction of Nashville" and country music.

When asked if his dad was instrumental in his chosen music genre, he told The Ellen DeGeneres Show: "Totally. His, well our, record collection was all American country music and that's really what pointed me in the direction of Nashville."

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old singer - who is married to Nicole Kidman - previously revealed that it was his dad who started him out on the "journey" to music success.

He shared: "I remember saying to my dad, 'Oh, what's the single off this album?' And he said, 'I don't know. I haven't heard anything off it.' And I said, 'Well, how do you know it's going to be good?' And he said, 'It's Don Williams.'

"And it hit me in such a way that I thought, 'Oh, I'd love to make records where people know it's going to be solid and they go out and get it.' So I want to thank him for starting me on this journey."

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