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August, 31

Billy Ray Cyrus suggested daughter Noah's vocals for new Jake Bugg track

Billy Ray Cyrus suggested daughter Noah's vocals for new Jake Bugg track

Billy Ray Cyrus is behind Jake Bugg and Noah Cyrus’ duet on track Waiting.

Jake launched his career in 2012 with his self-titled album, and the guitar-playing singer has gone on to become a festival favourite.

For his fourth album Hearts That Strain, out on Friday (01Sep17), Jake added a Nashville vibe to the tracks, and joined forces with a host of other musicians, including Elvis Presley's legendary session musicians and The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, on the record.

It was after meeting Noah’s dad, country legend Billy, that the 17-year-old also became involved.

“When I was back in London, Billy dropped into the studio I had been working in Nashville and heard the song (Waiting) and really liked it,” Jake told the London Evening Standard newspaper.

“He thought Noah would be perfect for it, and she recorded her parts while she was in LA. I’ve never met her, which is a bit weird but that’s the way it goes nowadays.”

Jake even praised the teen star, who’s older sister Miley is gearing up to release sixth album Younger Now, for making the track sound so good.

“She made it sound much better,” he admitted. “When my voice comes in it sounds terrible, but when she’s singing it sounds all right.”

Jake will soon hit the road in support of the new album, including a stop off at The 100 Club in Oxford Street, London, in aid of the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster that killed an estimated 80 people when the London housing block went up in flames in June (17). Hundreds more were left homeless.

“I have mates who live nearby and I could see it from their window. It was heartbreaking — there are no real words to describe it,” Jake sighed.

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